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Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

About me

Iโ€™m an Argentinian-born programmer living in the Netherlands. Iโ€™m passionate about open source, scaling, growth and writing readable, maintainable code.

These are some open source projects I currently maintain:

See more on my GitLab and GitHub profiles. I also maintain several packages on the Archlinux User Repositories.


Iโ€™m available for hire, and do have a strong preference for open source projects.
If youโ€™re interested, feel free to contact me.

For a bit more details, my curriculum vitae is available, albeit. Much of my work has been on private projects, and therefore, will not be listed publicly.

Contact me

If you have questions about a specific project I maintain, please open an issue rather that contacting me directly. This helps others looking for help with similar questions.

Email or Signal are generally the best choices when trying to contact me.
You should use my GPG public key to encrypt your messages if you feel the need for confidentiality.