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Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

Software Developer. Python Lover. IT Consultant.

About me

I’m an independent software developer and consultant. I’m very passionate about programming, Unix, security, and place high importance in standards compliance. I try to, above all, write standard-compliant, readable and maintainable code and am always open to trying out new technologies.

I have experience consulting with software design, deployments, and migrations, and have also handled more recent technologies including DNSSEC, IPv6 (and IPv6 transition mechanisms). I enjoy providing automation, clean and modern solutions, and upgrading systems to make the most out of current technologies. Clean, simple, and well documented solutions are generally key to security and maintainability.

A brief summary of the tools I is listed in the Stuff I Use page.


I’m available for hire. My rates are 25USD or 300ARS hourly, and can be negotiated if I’ll be working on an open source projects. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.

For a bit more details, my curriculum vitae is available, albeit, somewhat outdated. Most of my recent work has been on private projects, and therefore, cannot be listed publicly.

Contact me

GPG Key: 0x2B98C0CD
BTC Wallet: 1HYYwtzwAey6nyF5RLk5ziayDGhZa5Duoq
GitLab: whynothugo
GitHub: whynothugo
LinkedIn: whynothugo
Telegram: whynothugo
Phone: +54 11 2387 5944

Email or Telegram are generally the best choices when trying to contact me.
You should use my GPG public key to encrypt your messages if you feel the need for confidentiality.