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Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

Software Developer. Python Lover. IT Consultant.


Check my gitlab and github profiles for publicly available source code. There’s also a somewhat related sum-up of stuff I use.

Websites & Web Applications

I’d a good eye for details, and ample experience working side-by-side with designers to achieve highly polished websites for various clients.

I don’t have permission to publicly list all of the projects I’ve worked on, so the following is a brief list of those for which I have been granted permission.

I've worked closely with VirtStart since its inception, implementing the website, and the web application, which is still under development, but on open beta.
I initially only implemented moodsy's website, but have also contributed to some of their backend code (which I admit is quite interesting!), and am currently working on more of their web-facing code.
Initial implementation of , which has since received some minor tweaks. I've later worked for minimalistech for other private projects.
I've obviously implemented this very website, and it's also worth mention that its source is publicly available here.

Native Applications & Scripts


ubersquare was a foursquare client for the Nokia N900/Maemo. It was my first proper desktop (well, mobile) application, as well as my first Qt application and on of my first large python projects. As such, the code was pretty awful (though it did get the job done), but was a great learning experience. Regrettably, my N900 broke before I finished the complete rewrite, and poorly designed code is the latest that’s available of this now defunct project.


There were good intentions when implementing volctl2 volctl2 , the design was pretty poor, and so was it’s implementation. volctl2 binds to extra keys on my mouse and volume keys on my keyboard and adjusts the volume on press. Unlink a one-line script, holding down the button will make the volume increase/decrease exponentially, allowing fine-grained volume changes, but allowing one to large changes fast.

A clean rewrite, known at volctl3, is currently in progress.


scrotpush is a very simple python script that takes a screenshot, uploads it to imgur, and copies the URL into the X clipboard. I combine this with sxhkd to trigger it with a simple keypress.


Although an extremely simple program, kbdlight has become irreplaceable for me over time. It’s a very simple C program that allows altering my MacBook’s keyboard back-lighting.


Inspired on memo and khal, todoman is a simple todo manager, (or task manager), designed to take note and keep track of pending tasks, that runs as a cli application on almost any Unix-like system (this includes Linux, BSD and probably other OSs from the Unix family).



envsettings is a python module to easily read settings from environment variables, used to follow common practices, described in, for example, the twelve-factor methodology.


django-afip is a django app for authorizing and receipts invoices with AFIP’s web services.
It’s currently in production in a few public-facing websites.


django-mercadopago-simple is a django app for interacting with mercadopago’s API and receiving payments with it.
This library is also currently using in production on a public-facing website.


rprint is a rather simple python module pretty-prints objects or lists recursively. Useful in development/debug when you can’t be bothered to write __str__ for each of your classes (or simply, can’t).



greydown was a proof-of-concept implementation for new ways to notify users of low battery: gradually turning the screen to greyscale as battery was under 10%: notifying the user non-intrusively, but in a way that cannot go unnoticed. A journal article related to this experiment is still pending.


AUR Packages

I maintain several packages on the Archlinux User Repositories.