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Plant Milks

There’s a good variety of plant milks that you can make (or buy, in some places). I’ve only one melon, oats and almonds until today. Here are simple instructions to help you prepare your own.

Oat Milk
Oat Milk has some really nice-looking bubbles.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is a bit thicker than other milks. It’s got a nice taste, but is a bit plain to drink by itself. I love oat milk with chocolate, and suggest you try it.



Mix the water and the oats, stir for a bit, and leave it to rest well covered during at least two hours. After these couple of hours, the oats should have swollen and have softened up.

Blend or process the whole mixture until there are no lumps in the mixture. Strain the mixture to eliminate any possible solid bits left in it. You should use a very thin strainer (or even a cloth-based cheese strainer).

The strained solid bits are actually Okara, and can be used for cookies, cake mixtures and similar things, though you should have very little left with this sort of milk in particular.