Photo of me

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

Software Developer. Python Lover. IT Consultant.

Stuff I Use


My primary computer is my desktop, Hyperion. I’ve been gradually upgrading different components of the same computer for over several years now, so it’s a bit hard to tell how old it truly is. I also occasionally use it for gaming, and that’s the main reason my laptop hasn’t replaced it.

Having worked so many years in front of a computer, being able to have a large well-placed monitor in front of me is a huge pro, so I’ve a 32” LG screen which is starting to show it’s age (especially when it comes to colour contrast).

My desktop, one of those short moments in lasted tidy.
My desktop, one of those short moments in lasted tidy.

On the road, or when working on-site, I use my 2013 MacBook Air 13”. It’s extremely light, has a huge battery life (~12 hours) and I can run just about anything on it.


Both my computers have Logitech Performance Mouse MX. I’ve found them stupendous, and have a hard time dealing without them. Over the years, and thanks to Logitech, it’s become almost impossible for me to use ambidextrous mice.


I use ArchLinux and OpenBSD (the latter mostly on servers) and my browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox, in great part due to their openness, but also due to issues that I can’t stand in other browsers. I’ve also come love their developer tools over time.


My IDE for most languages is actually my shel, zsh, using classic tools (grep, find, neovim) that simply get the job done efficiently.

I’m a big fan of Python, given it’s efficiency, readability, and it’s philosophy in general. This does not, of course, mean that I don’t work on play around with other programming languages, and I’m always open to trying out new technologies too.
I’m currently working mostly and Python, CoffeeScript, Go and HTML5, and also have experience with Java (for which I do fire up Eclipse), C, #C, PHP and a few other languages.

And then, there’s git! I’ve come to love git over the years, and can’t see myself (or developers in general, really) working without it any more - it would seem that issues with version control are a thing of the past! I use GitLab for issue tracking, team-working, etc and only GitHub for projects that already existed there and collaboration. I also use git with pass and to manage my dotfiles.


Mutt is my email client of choice, having found it it to be faster and easier than any other X-based or web-based client around. I use it with offlineimap, which has the added advantage that I always have a full copy of all my email locally at all times.

Following the same work flow, I also use vdirsyncer with khal and todoman for calendar and todos respectively.

I use the iPhone’s reminder and calendar apps on the road, and all of them sync with the above using Fastmail’s servers/service.

This website

This website is jekyll-based. The source, for those curious enough, is available at my GitLab repositories.


I’ve gradually reduced the number of services I use and rely on, both self-maintained, and external. I’ve managed to just keep what I need and nothing else.

My email and calendars are hosted at Fastmail, which has worked great over time, has a great mobile email app, and contributes continuously with upstream open source projects.

Tarsnap keeps all by off-site backups. I highly recommend them, it’s a great, secure and cheap service!

I’m fortunate enough to have gotten into a closed beta program from my ISP which includes native IPv6 connectivity. As of this writing, it’s the only ISP in Argentina which offers this sort of service.

Other Devices

I use an iPhone 6, which just works, and interacts beautify with open standards (CalDAV, CardDAV, etc) out-of-the-box. The battery life is a bit poor, and I do have to fire VirtualBox+macOS to copy music onto it, but other than that I’ve no complaints.

The only tablet I’ve ever owned was an HP Touchpad. Sadly, its battery died abruptly after a power surge (apparently), and there’s no-one capable of repairing it, nor any replacement in Argentina.

I no longer own any gaming devices and use my desktop for this exclusively. My desktop also plays the role of media centre.